Deep Tissue Massage in Shrewsbury                                     90min/£60 • 120min/£85

deep tissue massageI favour quality and quality requires time so I only offer a minimum of 90 minutes of full body massage.  A two hour session is also available.  You can read the quality of my work on my testimonial page.

Deep tissue massage is ideal for muscle tension or spasm relief, chronic muscle pain, limited mobility, recovery from injuries, fibromyalgia or just muscular tone maintenance. Deep tissue massage in Bath is held at The Practice Rooms..

It focuses on releasing the deeper myofascial restrictions of the deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body - sometimes referred to as myofascial release.

It uses techniques to work below superficial connective tissue with the intent of breaking up old structural patterns and allowing the free flow of oxygen and nutrients to the blood. A considerable amount of pressure will be applied in some cases which may cause some temporary discomfort to the client.

Every therapist work differently and this is how I do mine:

How deep tissue massage is done?

- A brief consultation will be done before the treatment which will not cut off your treatment time.

 - You will be asked to take your clothes off but keeping your underpants on.

-  You will then lie on the couch face down and a towel will be draped over your body.

-  I will tune in with you where I place my hands on your back for 5 minutes. I find this is more effective rather than going straight onto massage.  You will become more receptive to the treatment

-  A massage oil will be applied to use as medium

The deep tissue massage is done in three stages:

1)  Warm up – where I glide my hands with not much pressure.  Whilst doing this, I can feel or sense areas of concern i.e. tensed muscle or knotted areas

2)  Deep tissue work – where deeper pressure will be applied on areas of concern in a gentle way.  The pressure will vary as everyone is different.  Also other area of concern could be more sore or painful than the other.  Also, it all depends on how much pressure you can take and this is done in a caring manner.  This is the stage where we interact with each other.  Some people don’t want to talk and want me to just get on with the treatment and that’s OK too.

3)  Relaxation – this is the stage where the relaxation will occur.  The pace is slow, the neck and scalp is massaged. The slower the pace the better.

How long should a treatment be?

It all depends on the individual.  Ideally, if you have lots of tension in your body, it is better to have a 90 minutes session. 

If you have a small to medium size physique with not much tension then a 60 minute session will suffice.