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An Evening with Eckhart Tolle

When I first saw Eckhart on Oprah show in 2007, straight away I knew what he was talking about and resonated with him. As if he only put in words to what I already know.  I also read his books The Power of Now & New Earth.  Since then, I followed his talks on presence/awareness on his on-line TV.

Last week, I was fortunate to see Eckhart in person for the first time in one of his talks in London.  It was at the Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall. I have never been in this part of London and it was a nice venue to hold conferences and shows.  I was three hours early so while waiting for the start I had a long walk along the river Thames.  It was a lovely day.  When the staff started letting people in the festival hall it was full. I don’t know how many people it can accommodate but from my estimate, it was more than a thousand. 

When I was seated waiting for the talk to start, it felt right to be there.  I had a feeling of peace and joy.  It was simply beautiful.......J

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