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What to do with Lavender from your garden

The lavender bush in my garden produced quiet a lot of flowers this summer.  The bees loved it!!  There must be about a hundred of them - It was buzzing every day.  Now that the bees exhausted all its nectar, I cut them up, put them in a bundle and hung them up in the kitchen beam. If you do not the beam just hang it anywhere in the kitchen.  It looked nice and the aroma from fresh lavender is a delight!  I’m like having aromatherapy every time I’m in the kitchen.  Also, when I open my front door, I’m greeted with a lovely aroma of lavender. Lavender

As many of you are aware that lavender oil has many beneficial effects.  It can be use for mild burnt skin, calming, inducing sleep, bug repellent and many others.  I use it for my Petals Signature Facial and aromatherapy body massage for its relaxing effect.

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