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Amazing Early Morning Walks

It's forcasted sunny all day today, so I decided to catch the sun rise from Bratton, Wiltshire.  I got there at 05:45 and the early morning mist blanketed the valley while the sun just sat on the highest point of the hill - it was a beautiful site.  The photos I have taken doesn't justify the actual experience of witnessing the beauty of it.  I can't help but feel grateful to be there at that moment.  It was very quiet too presumably most people were still be in bed at that time.  I stayed there for awhile basking in the early sun rising and getting some dose of vitamin D.  It was lovely and peaceful.....


As I walked uphill, I met a few cows munching their breakfast.  They certainly have a good exercise grazing uphills.  When I got to the top, the rolling hills were covered in rapeseed. The view was fantastic!  I can see the surrounding villages and towns clearly. It was just amazing!!  I recommend you do this walk if you can.

I was curious where it will take me if I follow the footpath, so I continued walking.  There were trees along the path and the rapeseed has not got its usual pungent smell yet.  It was downhill and uphill walk.  I can see from a distance a wide metal gate with a sign post and what it looks like a road.  When I got to the gate, the sign post says 'Imber Shooting Range' in both directions. That's when I decided to turn around as I don't want to be shoot down by the army accidentally. :-)

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