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Body massage treatments at a Hen do

I was asked by a lovely lady to do some treatments at her hen do. Of course, I was delighted to oblige as I like working at different places.  It get me out of base which is nice occasionally. Also, it get me to places I have never been and discover beautiful settings and this is one of them. 

The venue yesterday was in Week Farm Manor, Coombe Hay about 3.5 miles outside Bath.  I must say when I saw the entrance I was surprised.  The place is beautiful - really amazing. See this photo I took on the day.Hen do 1  

I would recommend it to anyone.  I'd like to hire it myself! You can check the place from this link  I was there all day and treated 13 ladies from different parts of the UK and other countries.  The treatments were facials and BNS.  They were all lovely ladies!

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