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Post Body Massage Drink

Body Massage in Bath and Bradford on Avon

After a body massage treatment, I always asked people to drink plenty of water because their circulation has improved so as their lymphatic system.  However, not all like drinking water as they find it bland or boring although they know it is good for them.  

So, here's one idea to encourage anyone to drink more water.  Put together in a jug of water two slices of lemon, cucumber or celery, peppermint leaves and fresh lavender (see photo).Massagedrink

You can put anything really like fruit, other vegetables, herbs, spices - be as creative as your imagination will let you.  I normally use what's available from my garden hence the lavender and peppermint.  It is an alkalising drink because of the cucumber and celery.  Lemon makes it refreshing while the peppermint and lavender gives it a pleasing aroma.  It makes the water more palatable and looks pretty too:-) Lovely, cheers! 

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