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Trauma & Craniosacral Therapy


Not long ago, I went on a week seminar for my CPD (Continuing Professional Development). It’s all about the mind/body connection and trauma. The speakers were Dr Porges (PhD), Dr Bessel vander Kolk (psychiatrist), Dr Gabor Mate (MD) and Dr R McCraty (PhD).   In my opinion, they were intuitive leaders on the subject of mind/body connections in the scientific world. As if they were continuing the work of Charles Darwin in one of his many observations about human development.

It was very interesting to see how the scientific world are catching up with research on the mind/body connection. It all make sense. Since then, I studied the brain anatomy and physiology in more details. Also read more about the Polyvagal theory of Dr Porges and the book called “The body keeps the score” by Dr Bessel van der Kolk and listen more on Dr Mate on you tube. I recommend that you read this book, the polyvagal theory and listen to Dr Mate. It totally changed my view on people with addiction. addictive personality and trauma as a whole.

I now have a clearer understanding of how trauma affect the body. As a result, I have become more compassionate. I can also see how the Craniosacral Therapy could be one of the effective treatments on trauma either physical injury, emotional or psychological.


Another evening with Eckhart Tolle


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