Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (BCST) in Shrewsbury         1hr/£45

This is a gentle yet powerful hands-on therapy that supports the body's natural tendency to self-repair and find balance. It encourages the body to release held trauma and tensions as well as helping to re-establish optimal health as a whole. Physical, emotional and psychological concerns respond well with this therapy. It works both for adults, pregnant women, children and babies.

As a practitioner, I am trained to be sensitive and skilful in palpation to sense the body's subtle rhythms and patterns of strain, tightness and congestion. This deep listening and acknowledgement of the body's held patterns trigger the body's intelligent, intrinsic healing capacity to be expressed. It is subtle yet powerful which helps the body release held trauma and tensions as well as helping to re-establish optimal health as a whole. It can be used as a primary treatment modality and as an adjunct to other conventional and complimentary therapies.

BCST evolved through the work of Dr Sutherland (1870 – 1954) during his training days as an osteopath. It dawned on him that there is subtle movement in the bones. He understood that the motion of cranial bones is connected to other tissues and is an integral part of the whole. This movement is facilitated by body fluid (especially cerebrospinal fluid) which acts as a medium and it carries messages to/from every cell in our body. The messages could be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual.

Every treatment is a corrective step towards health for the individual regardless of the number of times it takes to reach that goal. It works both for adults, pregnant women, children and babies. Children and babies especially respond well to BCST because it is gentle, non-invasive and effective in ways they can intuitively recognize. They do not have the hang ups that adults have.

Dysfunction of the craniosacral system may be due to:

- Stress (life's events & situation)

- physical trauma (internal & external)

- birth process (foetal distress, intervention)

- Disease process (damage to tissue)

- Emotional trauma (abuse, neglect, lack of support)

- Belief system (strong beliefs can fix the body)

What to expect in a session:

- It is done with clothes or nappies on (for children)

- The parent or primary carer is present throughout the session (for children)

- Very gentle hands-on contact is made by the therapist in order to listen to the body's need and facilitate our body's innate self repair capacity

- No manipulation involved – just letting the body reorganize itself

Conditions that may respond well to BCST:

asthma ♦ anxiety ♦ back & neck pain ♦ Ÿbirth trauma ♦Ÿ bone/joint disorders ♦Ÿ chronic fatigue Ÿ constipation Ÿ♦ digestive problems ♦ dizziness Ÿ♦ dyslexia ♦ emotional issues ♦ facial pain Ÿ headaches Ÿ♦ hearing problemsŸ♦ hyperactivity Ÿ♦ insomnia Ÿ♦ jaw problems Ÿ♦ migraine ♦ Ÿ muscular pain ♦ nervous complaints ♦Ÿ sciatica Ÿ♦ sinusitis Ÿ♦ stress ♦Ÿ tiredness ♦Ÿ visual disturbances Ÿ♦ whiplash

I do not claim that the above condition can be cured by Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  However, many who experienced it find that it alleviatte distressing symptoms and helped to feel better.  By all means you can try Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy if nothing else helped. The treatment is held in Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury.