Nutritional Therapy                                                                1hr/£85

Recommended to address the underlying causes and symptoms of stress, fatigue and pain by assessing diet, lifestyle and medical history. It is a natural, safe and effective holistic approach to achieving optimum health and wellbeing.

What health conditions that may be improved with nutritional therapy?


Ÿ•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Ÿ•Digestive Problems

•ŸHigh Blood Pressure

Ÿ•Hormonal Imbalances (PMS, Menopause)

Ÿ•Weight loss

How is the consultation done?

Before you come for a consultation you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and a three-day food diary.

Depending on the individual's case, tests can be carried out to confirm the condition (i.e. parasites, comprehensive stool analysis, hormonal tests etc).

The emphasis will be on a personalised dietary and lifestyle improvement. Nutritional supplementation may be recommended depending on an individual's requirements.

Client's confidentiality is always observed.


I have no financial interest in any nutriceutical (food supplement) manufacturers or Functional Diagnostic Laboratory. In the event of I recommending any of these, it will only be in the best interest of your health, advising you to gain the greatest benefit from your treatment. If this should be suggested, you will only be charged at a wholesale trade price.